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Welcome to the Interpersonal Perception and Communication Laboratory at Stanford University. We represent a growing center of research aimed at understanding the ways in which social factors interplay with perception, cognition, and behavior. Our broad research interests include the accuracy of spontaneous social judgments from "thin slices" (brief observations) of behavior, the cognitive and behavioral effects of stereotyping, nonverbal and verbal communication in real-life settings, and the role of social and structural group memberships in interpersonal relations. We examine these phenomena at multiple levels of analyses ranging from the neurological and physiological to sociocultural. Please follow the links to find out more about the people, research interests, and ongoing studies in the lab. Undergraduates, please note that we are always recruiting new students. Should you be interested in the research outlined here, please CONTACT us!

For a playful example of thin slices of nonverbal behavior, hover over any of the links in the black bar above.

Research Highlight

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