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Maria Barth

Graduate Student

Stanford University
Psychology Department
450 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

About me

I received my A.B. in Psychology from Harvard University in 2006, and worked as a research assistant at Stanford University and School of Medicine before beginning my PhD with Prof. Nalini Ambady in the IPC Lab. My research looks at how adults and children perceive nonverbal information, such as emotions, in others, and how these perceptions change as we get older. I am particularly interested in how children and adults perceive nonverbal cues from members of different social groups.


Wu S, Amin H, Barth M, Malcarne V and Menon V (2012). Mathematics Anxiety in 2nd and 3rd Grades and its Relation to Math Achievement.Frontiers in Developmental Psychology, 3:162.

Chen, F.S., Barth, M.E., Johnson, S.L., Gotlib, I.H., & Johnson, S.C. (2011). Oxytocin receptor (OXTR) polymorphisms and attachment in human infants. Frontiers in Psychology, 2:200.


Rosenberg-Lee, M., Barth, M., Menon, V. (2011). What difference does a year of schooling make?: Maturation of brain response and connectivity between 2nd and 3rd grades during arithmetic problem solving. NeuroImage, 57, 796-808.


Johnson, S.C., Dweck, C., Chen, F.S., Ok., S.J., Stern, H.L., & Barth, M.E. (2010). At the intersection of social and cognitive development: Internal working models of attachment in infancy. Journal of Cognitive Science, 34, 807-825.