Nalini Ambady is a beloved friend, renowned researcher and professor at Stanford University, and the active mom of two teenage daughters, Maya and Leena. She is also fighting for her life. Just a few days after celebrating Thanksgiving with her family and friends, Nalini was diagnosed with a recurrence of leukemia, which she first battled in 2004. Now, she urgently needs a bone marrow transplant from a genetically matched donor. Someone out there is a perfect match, but they may not be on the registry yet. That someone can literally save her life - and it could be you. Nalini needs your help. And it is not just her - there are hundreds of people out there who need donors. Please consider joining the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry. For members of racial and ethnic minority groups in the US, like Nalini who is South Asian, the chances of finding a donor are significantly lower. It's more likely that a match will come from someone with a shared ethnic background, but everyone has the potential to be a match for Nalini or someone else.
The registration process takes only minutes and if you are actually called in to donate it is a relatively short process for you that will, quite literally, have the potential to save a life. If you register now, it could be Nalini's life that you save.

Nalini has given a lot. She is a world-class social scientist and has produced ground-breaking research, resulting in hundreds of publications in scholarly journals, tens of thousands of citations, and many mentions in popular press. Nalini is also the first Indian ever to have taught in the Harvard and Stanford psychology departments. She is a beloved teacher and mentor, having changed the lives of many hundreds of students at Harvard, Stanford and Tufts universities.
Think of that amazing teacher, the one who encouraged you, who pushed beyond what you thought you could do, and whose lessons you still talk about to this day. That is exactly how the countless undergraduates and Ph.D. students who have worked with Professor Nalini Ambady feel about her. Not only is she a brilliant scholar, she goes above and beyond: When she found out some of the scholarship students on campus couldn't afford to buy bikes at the campus shop, she spent her weekend driving them to a cheaper store. When she realized that a number of her undergraduates would be alone in the dorms for Thanksgiving, she invited them over to her house to celebrate with her family and cooked a full meal. And she inspires those around her every single day.
Nalini is admired as a scholar, beloved as a teacher, and cherished as a friend. She is the mother of two teenage daughters, and her family needs her.

Please become a registered bone marrow donor by attending a bone marrow drive in your area or registering online for free. It only takes a few minutes and you could literally save a life.

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