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In the news (selected media coverage)

How to win at poker: A handy tip.
The Economist, April 2013

Surprising Insights from the Social Sciences: Get Curvy!
Boston Globe, March 2012

Women's 'Gaydar' Better at This Time of Month: When?
CBS, June 2011

Fertile Women Have Best 'Gaydar'
NBC, June 2011

Women's 'Gaydar' Improves During Ovulation
MSNBC, June 2011

Ovulation Seems to Aid Women's 'Gaydar'
U.S. News & World Report, June 2011

Is He Gay? Ovulating Women Can Tell
TIME, June 2011

Women have better gaydar when ovulating
The Toronto Star, June 2011

Romantic moods, fertility help women guess men's sexual orientation: Study
Vancouver Sun, June 2011

Sense of Touch May Influence Gender Perception
MSN, January 2011

Our Perceptions of Masculinity and Femininity Are Swayed by Our Sense of Touch
U.S. News & World Report, January 2011

Study: Light bulbs spur bright ideas
MSNBC, May 2010

How Light Bulbs Make You Smarter
The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 2010

Something in the Way He Moves
The Boston Globe, April 2010

Light Bulbs
Scienceblogs, April 2010

Bright Ideas: Light Bulbs Stimulate Insights
Miller-McCune Magazine, March 2010

Your beliefs are written all over your face
Canada.com, February 2010

West Brain, East Brain: What a difference culture makes
Newsweek, February 2010

He just looks Republican: Surprising insights from the social sciences
Boston Globe, February 2010

Freakonomics blog: Your Politics Are Written All Over Your Face
The New York Times, February 2010

GOP and Dems faceoff
New York Post, February 2010

The Right Face for a Whig
Miller-McCune Magazine, February 2010

The "look" of your political affiliation
The Emily Rooney Show, WGBH Boston, February 17, 2010

A face for politics: New study shows we can tell Democrats from Republicans in head shots
Scientific American, January 2010

Judging Democrats and Republicans by their Faces
UTNE Reader, January 2010

Test: aan iemand zien wat hij stemt
FAQT (The Netherlands), January 2010

De Olhos Bem Abertos
ISTOE Magazine, Brazil, January 2010

Aparências (nao) enganam
Época Negócios, January 2010

Study: TV May Perpetuate Race Bias
Times, December 2009

The Subtle Transmission of Race Bias via Televised Nonverbal Behavior
Science, December 2009

Racial Bias Broadcast From TV Character to Viewer
Discovery News, December, 2009

Scientists: Nonverbal cues may show racial bias
USA Today, December, 2009

Black-and-White TV: Nonverbal Racial Bias Found in Popular Television Shows
Scientific American, December 2009

How's Your Gaydar?
Science, November 2009

The Young and the Neuro
New York Times, October 2009

Is This a Gay Face I See Before Me?
Details Magazine, October 2009

Making Sense of Pat
We're Only Human, September 2009

Great news for Cameron Diaz
Boston Globe, August 2009

'Gaydar' is Real- For Women, Too
Miller-McCune Magazine, August 2009

A Facebook profile can reveal the real you
New Scientist, May 2009

There's Something Queer about That Face
Scientific American, February 2009

A Nation of Cowards?
New York Times, February 2009

Try a Little Powerlessness
We're Only Human, February 2009

Talk about Race? Relax, It's O.K.
New York Times, January 2009

The Price of Words Unspoken
ScienceNOW, October 2008

Shh, Let's Not Talk about Race
US News and World Report, October 2008

Turn on the 'Gaydar'
Hartford Courant, August 2008

Sexual clues in facial cues
Monitor on Psychology, April 2008

Ditt ansikte avslöjar om du är en ledare
Ny Teknik (New Technology), Sweden, April 2008

It's Written All Over Their Faces
USA Today, February 2008

A company's profits are linked to the facial appearance of its chief executive
Research Digest, The British Psychological Society, February 2008

The Keys to Success?
The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 2008

Can Looks Predict a Successful CEO?
Time, January 2008

Physiognomy and success in business
The Economist, January 2008

CEO Success: It's All in the Face
Livescience.com, January 2008

The chiselled features of a good CEO
Maclean's Magazine (Canada), January 2008

An Eye for Sexual Orientation
ScienceNOW, January 2008

Breakthroughs, tips and trends: Gaydar, electronic contact lenses and birdsong in hospital
The Times (London), January 2008

Testing Gaydar-The Daily Dish
The Atlantic, January 2008

Can You Put a Face to the Boss?
The Times (London), January 2008