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  Mary Anne Todgham

Graduate Student

Tufts University
Psychology Department
490 Boston Ave.
Medford, MA 02155

About me

I received my B.A. in Mathematics from Cornell and am a fourth-year graduate student in the IPC Lab. Before entering the PhD program, I worked as a Statistician at Capital One Financial and a Marketing Analytics Manager at Gap Inc.

My main research interests are (1) gender stereotypes and (2) nonverbal behavior in negotiations. Specifically, I am interested in the effects of stereotype and gender activation on women’s performance in mathematics. My other line of research looks at the relationship between the perception of nonverbal cues and negotiation outcomes.


Publications (formerly published as Krabbenhoft)

Ambady, N., Krabbenhoft, M. A., & Hogan, D. (2006). The 30-sec sale: Using thin slice judgments to evaluate sales effectiveness. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 16, 4-13.

Molinsky, A. L., Krabbenhoft. M. A., Ambady, N., & Choi, Y. S. (2005). Cracking the Nonverbal Code: Intercultural competence and the diagnosis of gestures across cultures. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 36, 380-395.